15 Innovational Ideas to Create a Fascinating Landing Page

Getting someone through to your page is the task where your ad campaigns it completely utilized. An ad can do no more than bringing someone on to your page. After someone has come down to your page, there starts a sale process. Converting a visit to your page into a sale is entirely dependent upon the quality of content and information available at the landing page. In this piece of writing we are going to discuss some amazing ideas that are going to give you an evident improvement in the results from the landing page in term of sales. Feel free to use any one or all 15 of our well thought ideas in your business to shine among competitors.

1. Easy Sign Up Process

The first and foremost thing that needs to be done with anyone who lands on your page is to make sure  that person gets associated with you and you get to have a connection with that person. In order to do that you can get that person to sign up with your online connectivity service so you can build a permanent relation and contact with that person, however a lot of people tend to avoid signing up with anything if the process if difficult. You should always look for an easy and simple one step way to sign up with your page.

Take this page from Unbounded for instance, the signup process is given in a complete pictorial explanation and with that the process is simple and easy to understand for any user and being less time consuming gives it another edge to be taken up by anyone.

To make it even more evident for the user you can even show the whole process on the page through which a user can sign up to you.

2. Do not Use the Copy Principle:

A very essential vital and probably the most obvious part of any landing page, especially for those who showcasing their product, the copy principle may make the process slow dull and more likely to make the visitor lose interest in the site itself and then leave it. Just use the required amount of text content to make your point clear and get down to the real talk.

In this regard let’s take an example of the Octopus’s landing page that gives precise and to the point introduction to the work and operations of the company as well as their products.

For a business that is still in the startup, this might come in as real handy. Crowd funding phase of any business is very important and lands some really important visitors to your page that might be a potential investor for your business. To make sure they leave with a bright impression of your services make sure the point is made clear and evident to them. You can do it only through a lot of imagery and use other graphical material to enhance the productivity of your page.

3. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat:

It is something very interesting that something that seen as a bad impression builder in real life, can provide with some really positive and amazing results in virtual marketing.  Same is the case with repeating your agenda over and over again.

Nicely done in the given example of this theme of Square space that provides the visitor with a welcoming note and makes it evident about their services, with some lavishing offers as free trial period of 14 days, after which it leads the visitor to a more dynamic and informative page with the same  thing repeated in a better and more presentable way.

When a visitor lands at your page, make sure your message is loud and clear, and after that just repeat what you deliver, repeat about how it is going to work and repeat the benefits that a visitor can have through becoming you client. A prospective clients need to be reminded about all the benefits that he would be getting from your product or services.

An important point to consider in this regard is to repeat the points, and make sure you do it all the time. But never use the same way of repeating your point. Always present your point in a new innovative and improved way the visitor to see and relate to the previous presentation of the same point. In this way it would not only

4. Offer Something for Free:

Getting someone down to make a business relationship with you certainly comes with its own kid of price. Becoming more powerful against your competitors can only be possible through bringing up something real in between. Giving them a free demo of your services or product may seem like a burden on the business but in long run this is going to provide you with some really good benefits.


Square got the idea about the importance very soon and began to work on their marketing strategy keeping fact in view, which eventually landed them in providing them with a small gadget that users can plug in, and do not have to pay for it. This provided Square with just the right edge needed to lead the market of mobile payments.

The most evident feature on the Square’s landing page is the free provision of this product, and it is proclaimed in such a way that visitors finds it amusing as well as beneficial for themselves.

5. Give Your Words and Live Up To Them

Building a relationship of trust with your client is going to provide you with a benefit of a lifetime. See every person who lands on your page as a risk averter and design your page right according to that, because out of all the people who are going to land at your page, most of them are actually going to be risk averters.

A prime example in this reference can be taken from the landing page of Halvey Life that is a fitness gym in New York City. If you land at their page the first few words are quite fascinating and mesmerizing for anyone to show an interest in their services. The central piece of the page says “Fitness Guaranteed”, now that is some real big promise to make if taken seriously by any visitor coming to the page and living up these words is certainly going to come as a tough task.

But providing a support to this argument are words right under it, “The only gym in the world with money back guarantee”, and that is something unique, new and intriguing for anyone to consider. This does not only show the determination of the gym and trainer but also the confidence on their services that they are risking their money on it.

6. Facts and Figures:

Do you know you have 95% more chances of grabbing anyone’s attention by adding some percentage figure in your argument? Well, I might have exaggerated with the figures here but it certainly worked for me here. Providing a factual support to any of your argument can be very useful and work amazingly well to build the confidence by the visitor to pursue their relation and interest in whatever you have to say. Getting the figures involved makes it even stronger for anyone to believe what you have to say.

Example is Milk Life’s landing page that is a subsidiary charity of Feeding America, the page is filled with different facts and figures that certainly provide the visitors with a base to continue upon.

7. Add A Video:

If you want the visitor to stay with you for longer, there is no other way to provide them with a video to watch. Who does not like things being getting explained to them in a simple and more understandable way, and to be frank, most of us do not really like reading any way.

Wistia have used the video excellently at their landing page with an evident icon and size to cover that does not even make the visitors suspicious about clicking the link. You can later on convert the same area space into on click signup option that is going to provide with some certain visitors running into sales.  

8. Ask a Question:

Asking a question can prove to be very effective to get someone involved with you in some real interaction. Everyone looks for the answers to the questions that pop into their minds, if someone looks the same question on the screen that is going to put him through a psychological effect and create interest in the question itself.


Interactive Strategies have played it just right, putting up the question that pops into the mind of any visitor as the banner of their landing page. This does not only gives them an edge to interact with the visitor for a longer time but also makes them explore the page with more interest to find the answer that matches their opinion.

By answering the question that might have also been in your prospective client’s mind, you just solved something for them and that is going to be positive point of feather in your hat. You just built a relationship of trust and help with your visitors that would grow stronger if maintained in the same way.   

9. Directional Cues

This tip is majorly concerned with playing with the psychology with through graphics and design. It ends up providing with beautiful results. Using arrows and directional indications for the visitor to get them to the point where you need them is an art in itself. OnDemand research is the perfect example for this feature.


The survey company needs to get the forms filled, the task is done with a big arrow pointing to the form that needs to be filled and also shows what benefit a person can get by filling it, i.e. a free gift card.

You can also use photographic techniques to make it work in the form of expressions and thoughts associated with them that can give out a detailed idea about the concept without using too much written material. This can be seen done beautifully in the landing page of Chemistry.com.


Another approach to the same teachnique can be people pointing towards some specific direction to make sure the thing being pointed at does not go unnoticed. This can be seen done at the Pricline’s Landing page that shows William Shatner doing it.

In another example if we take a look at the landing page of GEICO, the car insurance firm, you can see the image of their mascot that is not clearly pointing over at some specific direction however he has his eyes stuck at the panel that can lead the visitor to fill in the initial information enough to start a contact between them and the company.

Now we are going to get technical and show you how it works in actually. See the image of a child with some text. Main aim is to get our visitors see the content and information that we have shared, there seems to be a slight difference in both images showing the child looking straight at one and at the side in the second one.


The Red color here shows the place that has been looked at the most. You can see clearly how the image has directed people to go to the text, where child is also looking at the test. You can clearly see the difference between both text and rate at how much both have been read.

10. Use Real Images

The reason behind this one is also pretty much psychological, people relate more to the things that are real than those that are graphically designed. Examples for this one can be seen a lot, the one we are going to quote is OkDork’s, according to the brain behind it Noah Kagan, they say they have spent almost $15,000 on it and it turned out to be very successful in the end any way and all the invest paid back.

The page highlights the major features of their workability and features an image of Kagan himself. People are more affiliated with seeing the real face behind whatever they are going to deal with in this reference seeing the person who runs it all makes up a connection between them and the business.


Similarly HomeAway, that is vocational rental firm, has used their real office environment in the photo that makes up the background of their landing page. In this way they are pretty much

11. Color Combination is the Key

This one is probably the most important one to be considered while designing your landing page. You must be very well aware of the importance of  color scheme and how much difference it can make but now we are going into some deep technicalities about choosing the right color combinations for your landing page.

Color choice is a whole dimension in itself, as it tells about the nature of your business and makes most of it up in order to maintain the imagery of your business in its specific field.


The landing page of CMS services providers Bridgeline Digital is a great example in this regard. If you go into minor details you would see some real issues with this page that includes poor positioning of the informational forms and other grammatical errors in the content. However this all can be overlooked through a great color blending that has been made in this page. That makes and over all look of the page right according to the nature of its message.


Another example in this regard can be the landing page of Active Adventures, New Zealand. This landing page does the right justice with the color scheme as seen in the name and nature of the business that it proclaims, colors have to be vibrant and jolly, and you see the same on the page. The amalgamation of green, orange, black and grey builds up just the right image about the place that is to be traveled as all these colors in one way or another are associated with New Zealand.


12. The White Space Effect

Sometimes a lot gets said without anything actually being said. Keeping free and white space in your landing page at times can be useful instead of filling it up with irrelevant or unnecessary information.


12. The White Space Effect

Sometimes a lot gets said without anything actually being said. Keeping free and white space in your landing page at times can be useful instead of filling it up with irrelevant or unnecessary information.


For this point we are going to refer to the example of modern and eclectic information sharing firm, Instapaper. The landing page comprises of nothing more than a large white screen with a minimal text and typical image of phone that refers to the nature of their work. The small written content at the bottom of the page leaves the viewer with many questions and makes them go further that can easily be done through the third on screen option of Create an Account.

13. Hit them Right Where It Feels

Another important as well as psychological aspect of making a landing page relate to the prospect, is to get them emotionally attached with the content of the page. This can be done on the principle of masses’ trends. You can get to know about what affects the most and how, put that in your message and then let it go.


In this regard we are going to take a look at the child advocacy campaign’s landing page of Save the Children. Where the right messages is given in the form of large font and a picture of child that does not really seem very happy, the message reads, “For Less Than 1$ a day you can change the life of a child”, brilliant content, that says much more than it could in these few words. Apart from that instead of showing things that are un important to the cause, the charity shows the sponsors they have made so far and lets people know that who is working for the cause.

14. Build the Trust:

This one, by so far, is going to be the most informative and practical idea that I had saved for so long to be discussed at the end. We all know how important a relation of trust can be between the visitor and services or products provider. We are going to break down this part in some sub parts to discuss the essentials of building trust between you and your client through some various techniques we commonly refer to as trust signals.

  • Brand Logos
  • Partnership Batches
  • Client Reviews
  • Guarantees
  • Security Assurance
  • Testimonial

These are some of the basics trust building essentials that would be useful to build a relationship with your clients.

Brand Logos and Partnership Batches:

Including the brand logos of your business partners in your landing page can be very useful as for someone who does not anything about you directly would know your association with someone that he might be aware of, and this can provide you with an edge to go further with such client.

For this you can even see MyAdvMedia own page having all the logos and batches of our proud partners.


Reviews and Testimonial

Being in association with some big names can be useful, but having a documented proof of your relationship and appreciation of your performance can lead to be something that ensure to build up yours trust in the eyes of your prospective client.


15. Call Different Calls to Actions

Letting a prospective client go away from your landing page can be very drastic if it starts happening quite often, in this regards put up different options for the visitor to choose from and do not let them go away without making any choice from your given points. This commonly known as multiple Calls-to-Action, it works even better with some logical sentences backing it, such as “I want to..” now this sentence can be complete with multiple options and put them all in front of your prospective client to choose from.

These are were some very important to understand key ideas about designing the Landing Page, for your ad campaign, and these are the ideas that are commonly followed by our experts here at MyAdvMedia, providing us with an edge of market coverage.