Optimize Your PPC Campaign, Spending 20 Minutes a Week

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing campaigns have a huge potential to make the best out of them with minimal efforts however most of the campaigns that are being run and not optimally utilized in order to have the best results out of them. MyAdvMedia have reviewed thousands of Google AdWrods account and reaching down to some very interesting results. Some of which are as under,

  • More than half of all the accounts that we checked did not bother to log in for a whole month.
  • Out of which 50% did not have bother to log in for even more than 9 months.

The only reason that people find dull about running a PPC campaign for their businesses is that it is hard to spend much time over the individual account to maintain it and make it presentable. However this can easily be over come through this simple mi guide that allows you to optimally used the PPC account with simple and easily understandable techniques and make the best out of everything. The guide has been broken down into minute to minute schedule that allows the user to make the best out of every single second spent your PPC account.

20 Minute Workweek: Best Schedule Design for Your PPC Account Management

These 20 minutes in the week that you are going to spend on your PPC account management are certainly going to pay you off with evidently improved and fruitful results. The work flow guide has been outlined with detailed explanation of every activity that shall be done and how it would affect your ad campaign. Let’s start with an initial time of 0 minutes and go up to 20 minutes with minute to minute direction and guide.


Minute 0-1: Check Bids and Budgets:

First thing first, obviously you need to log in to your PPC account and see the stats and current situation of the account.  The first few minutes of your logging in should be dedicated to the bids and budgets. The main thing that you need to do is to manage your bid according to the budget, so basically there are two things that are needed to be taken care of.

  • Raise Bid, for the keywords with better performance
  • Lower Bid, for the keyword that do not show as much of a performance.

A keyword providing profitable leads should be given a higher bid. You need to keep a proper check on all the keywords that are performing well and not so well, so you can in accordance to that information raise of lower the bid for such keywords. You need a longer span of time to be spent over your account in order to asses all the keywords on the basis of performance to see what needs to be done with the bids.

Bid optimization is an important task that needs to be performed frequently and preferably daily. An account manager can certainly spare some minutes from the daily routine to manage the bids and analyze the results of the keywords.

We have also brought together a list of tips to be taken under consideration while making a bid and setting up the budget.

  1. Do not make a bid that you cannot afford. Optimization does not actually means to stand at the top, as top bids are not really profitable in certain situations.
  2. Bid over performance trend. It is an important factor to consider while making your bid. You should make every bid based on the previous performance trends.
  3. Bid optimization needs your intervention from time to time. The optimizer set up needs a constant attention from the person controlling and it keeping the bids intact to make sure you do not miss on something that is one the rise and do not go down with something that is going down stream.

Sometimes there are outliers in the keywords with very low ROI or Quality Score. There terms cost you a lot of money and hurt the result all over you can stop the damage by pausing such keywords. Why pausing instead of dumping? Well, I the time is right in the future you can start optimizing over the keywords all over again and generate greater revenues.

Pausing may be cost consuming itself. So these tips are needed to be taken under consideration to determine whether to pause or discard some certain keyword.

  • Previous Performance: If the down flow of the keyword is recent and it has been performing well in past days you can count on its revival for sometime before you completely dump the keyword.
  • Effectiveness of the Landing Page: You need make an assessment about how much the keyword has the association with the landing page and check its overall performance in reference to that.
  • Text Efficiency: how much efferent does the text play in your landing page and the keywords associated with it. You can check does the associated text copy coverts form CPA well enough as it can be the reason behind the recent down flow of the keyword.
  • Assistance: you can use Google’s multi-channel funnel report to over view the drill down in the clicks provided by some certain keywords.

Minute 5 – 9: Research over Keywords

Up till now we have seen that we can do about the bidding over keywords and the best ways to keep or discard the keywords over the search results performance. Now we are going to take a look at how we can research the best keywords and use them in the PPC campaign as finding the right keywords is the key to a successful.  Let’s take a look at some of the points that are needed to be taken under consideration in order to have the best results out of every single keyword that is used in campaign.

  • Expansion in the Number of Keywords is assurance of a successful PPC campaign. One can have the best results out of a PPC campaign through adding a large number of promising keywords that can provide with better results.
  • Finding the low performing keyword and discarding them from the campaign is as important as adding the right keywords in your campaign.
  • Matching phrases to make more variation in the range of keywords can also be very useful. Matching up phrases and words to make a keyword that allows the user to make the best out of on keyword.

We have also put up a list for the usage of better keywords and how to perform better keyword research.

  • Use the AdWords Keyword Planner’s Latest Features, to find the best keywords and how to use them in for attainment of best results. AdWords keep adding some real cool features for the better optimization through traffic patterns, locations and time periods. You can use these feature to make sure you chosen keywords are the best ones or your campaign.
  • Get Innovative and do not confine yourself with conventional tools, you can find a lot of new and innovative tools for a campaign optimization; you should always explore new tools to make your campaign perform better.
  • HVLC keywords, also referred to as High Volume-Low Competition keywords, are the best to attract a sustainable traffic.
  • Multi-Level Negative Keywords can also be very useful in this regard. You can easily identify the negative keywords that can bring you a good fit for your group and individual ad campaign.
  • However negative keywords can help you in your campaign but you should do not get overwhelmed when using them.

Minute 10 – 13: Optimization through Ad Text

Next step in the process of managing marketing ad campaign through PPC account is through the Text that is used in the ads. Optimization through text is the best and most effective method to proclaim your ad and get the relevant traffic for it. For starting up you should be aware of the usage of the keywords that you are building your ads campaign on and make sure they are in the text of ads, with a great statement about the information and ending note of call to action.

You should keep a record and analyze the ads performance on weekly basis. This does not require more than a few minutes of your time. You can then on the basis of analysis, assess and evaluate how much does every keyword gets you in terms of Click through Ratio and then see the performance delivered by ads on the basis of the text added in them. This can be the indicator about the quality of text and the time to change the text with more effective keywords.

Tips to Optimize Your Text Ads:

Now we are going to talk about some determinants that can be used to optimally use the text ads.

  • Ad Emotional Text, as people respond more to those texts that they can relate to. This is simple and very effective technique to get more attention and more traffic by using text properly in your ad
  • Try Shopping Campaign for your E-Commerce platform, for anyone who is running an E-commerce marketing campaign there are some important factors to be considered to make the ad more attractive such as adding pictures of the product and pricing details there in the ad

You need to use the best and relevant keywords throughout the campaign and especially the ads for campaign but make sure the keywords are in there. If you manage to get a good Quality Score Google AdWords rewards you with lower cost and better ranking. We have also put up a list for you to see and get the guide from in order to improve your relevance.

  • Avoid Large Ad Groups. Divide your target into small groups, and make them workable size. You can do a better job in smaller groups of target.
  • Create Targeted Landing Pages: there is always a room of expansion and improvement especially when it comes to creating landing page. You can ad interactive texts with certain add ups such as destination URL and better information. Set up a goal of adding more targeted groups every month.
  • Always keep a review over your landing page to check whether you are getting the expected response from the page and converting visits into sales.

Minute 19 – 20: Reporting over you PPC

We have spend the most productive 20 minutes in our PPC campaign and now we are just about there to finish the whole workweek and get things for our PPC campaign  straighten out. The last thing you need to carry out is an overall assessment of your campaign and make sure you report it down real well. Reporting all the points that we have covered can be very useful for your clients as well as to keep a record about the next 20 Minutes PPC campaign management.

You can get the whole report written down in forms of progress graphical implication and show how you have carried out the whole process of assessment in 20 minutes, the results that you have come across, updates that you have made and the overall progress that you have observed.

Over All Review of 20 Minute WorkWeek for PPC by MyAdvMedia:

I am pretty sure the suggestions that we have put in front in this article are going to prove very productive for you, now we are going to take an overall review of the points,

  • Adding Negatives
  • Adding Keywords
  • Optimizing Ads
  • Optimize the Bids
  • Use the Best Tools and Practices
  • Remove Duplicates
  • Try Bing
  • Try Social Media Platforms to Promote your Ads

We have also prepared a checklist chart that you can use in order to make sure everything that needs to be checked has been checked properly.