Essential WordPress Plugins for Marketers – They Are Free Too!

With the advent of WordPress  website creation has become very easy. There are approximately tens of millions of websites that are powered by the WordPress content management system. WordPress makes it easier for small organizations and individuals to set up and manage their content. It is also loved by marketers because of the fact that it is very easy to use, and it is SEO friendly. Moreover, it comes with thousands of plugins that a marketer can choose from to fulfil his/her needs.

There are a wide range of plugins available in WordPress that are dedicated to just marketing and these plugins assist a marketer with every task form SEO to email marketing.

Here is a list of the most useful plugins available in WordPress that are very useful for marketers and are absolutely free to use.

Yoast SEO

WordPress understands how much SEO is necessary for any marketer, and  therefore, it has a plugin dedicated to SEO. Yoast SEO is the perfect plugin for you if you have little or no knowledge about SEO. This is because it provides you with all the guidance you need. This plugin is easy to use and automatically detects common terms so that the SEO integrity of each post can be ensured. 

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin is the best one to ensure success. This plugin allows you to use XML Sitemap without having any technical knowledge about it. It guides you through the whole process  from start to  finish. Xml sitemaps allow search engines to better index your blog and  help to boost your posts to the Top. Therefore, this plugin allows you to so the same task without having technical know-how of XML.

Just Writing

This is a plugin that allows you distraction free writing. It is best suited for those who have some difficulty transferring their ideas to words. What’s more, this this plugin has  the ability to spell check, paragraph styles, and formatting removal. Thus creating content   will be  a very easy task for you.

Pretty Link

Often, most of us link shrinkers such as or tinyurl. This plugin is an alternate to using these websites to shorten your links. Moreover, it also tracks the number of hits per link.


Comment spamming is a serious issue that many marketers face on a daily basis. Askimet plugin is the ultimate way to help you fight against comment spamming. It allows you to review each comment through the comments  section on the admin screens. Additionally it allows you to see the history attached to the comment which lets you know which comments were detected as spam by Askimet and which ones were moderated. It also allows the admin to block the spam comments through its discard feature.

There are many more plugins that are available in WordPress that are making the lives of marketers very easy. All you have to do is explore and you will find many plugins to make your life easier in many ways.