Top Social Media Tools that every Marketer should know

There are more than 200 social media websites all across the globe. This means that marketers have more than 200 platforms to market their products and promote their message all over the world. However, managing content on social media can be a very rigorous and tiring task. However, there are many social media tools available that help a marketer automate their marketing.

  • Nuzzel –This is a very useful social media tool that available a web app and an iOS app. The basic aim of this tool is to organize the stories that are shared by your friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Buzz Sumo –Buzz Sumo allows you to dissect your competition. This can be done by understanding your audience and finding out what is the most shared content in you niche. What it does is, it allows you enter a work or a phrase and displays all the top performing content.


  • Canva –Not everyone knows how to use Photoshop, let it be for the professionals. Canva is here to help. It is a great app that allows you to create professional looking web designs through its easy to use templates. You can also add more content on the template by sampling dragging and dropping elements to you canvas.


  • Flip gram –a Latest research shows that approximately more than 1 billion videos are viewed on Facebook everyday. Facebook videos are the best to convey your message to a large number of audience in a very creative manner. however, it is not an easy task. But, life is made through this ultimate tool named Flipgram that allows you to make bite-sized, 15 second videos very easily. It allows you to use photos in your Facebook account or your smartphone. You can even edit those photos and add background music too.


  • SocialMention –A search engine within a social media site. Yes, this is what Social Mention is. It allows you to monitor your website, your products and your brand in a single place. The analytics inside the tool are very insightful.


  • Tagboard –Hashtags are a very popular feature of social media. Tagboard is a very useful monitoring tool that allows you to monitor and search for any hashtags that are relevant to you industry and brands. This tools also provides the option to respond to these mentions right from the screenshot page.


  • FollowerWonk –Twitter is a very real-time social media platform and in order to get maximum results from it you have to posts tweets at a time when maximum followers are online and available to engage. FollowerWonk analyzes your twitter followers and gives you the most accurate graph that is based on the time when your followers are active.

  • ClickToTweet –the most convenient way to increase the number of tweets in your blog post is to simply add “click to tweet” buttons besides every actionable comment. This makes it easier to track the tweets shared by these click to tweet buttons.