7 Amazing AdWords Features: Use Google AdWords, Like a Boss

Google Adwords services keep evolving around the year and new features are kept adding into it for making it more feasible for the users. Google does not always bother to announce every single feature that is added over in Adwords as the number in hundreds, with some of them really do not need a mention however some features are exceptionally amazing to give you the right boost for your optimization.

Good for you that you do not have to go through every single feature that has been launched added to the Ad Words up to till now because I have compiled a list of amazing features that you need to be using this year to make your work easier for you.

First of all, let me tell you about the origins of the features in the list that I have prepared, how I got to know about them. The list does not comprises of the features that I found amazing all by myself, it is prepared keeping under view the opinions from different sources that includes social media such as peoples’ finding that they shared over Twitter, as well as some features are reviewed by the AdWords Experts. Now let’s begin with our list,

Ad Customizers is the latest AdWords technology that enables the users adapt text in your text ads based on the search query.

Now certainly needs a further explanation, let’s take a look at simple example to understand it even further. If you are running a marketing campaign about some certain discount, and you rush in with some amazing tagline after which you have to proclaim about the deadline of the sale and discount, that comprises like, “Hurry up, the Sale ends in XYZ days”, that is an amazing technique to get people’s attention as people show higher trends of buying something if they see themselves missing out on it in a certain time. Now XYZ can be any number of days that varies every day. For a user who is not aware of the Ad Customizers feature it would become a headache to go down to the content and make changes accordingly every day.

This is where the Ad Customizers feature comes in, as we have told you can adapt the text in your ads to the search query that is being put by the user.

How to Utilize this Feature?

Now as we have learned what Ad Customizers feature actually does now we are going to take a look at how you can utilize this feature to be added to your campaign. We are going to keep going on with the same example that we had pick up earlier. If we want to add a customize able date into our hot sale marketing tag line it would go something like, “Hurry up, the Sale ends in {= … day”. Now you must be seeing that I have put a curly bracket followed by an equals sign at the place where I was supposed to put the number of days. This is actually a syntax command that can help you put in a customizable number that can vary around as the days go by.

After running ads with this feature, we conducted a small research at the MyAdvMedia to see how effective this feature actually is and it was to our delight that the number of people responding to the ad as the number days goes shorter was much higher. In other words we saw an increase in response as the date of closing for sale came closer, and it all made sense due to the basic rule of marketing that tells how people find themselves in hurry to buy something if they are under the feeling of missing out at something if they do not make the move right now.

The difference in response was very much different from the normal response reaching up to around 30% at a time. There are a lot of our clients as well as some big names from the industry that are using the feature to adapt the text in accordance so that they can have better response as the date of sale’s closing comes closer.

Take it up to another level

Up till now we have seen how we can use the feature of Ad Customizer to prepare some really responsive ads and use the feature to generate more sales now we are going to take a look at how to take it up to next level. Now imagine a retailer who is dealing in thousands of products and offering some discount over them all, just imaging how hard  and time consuming process it would be to go down to each product and its description to add the discount.  However through Ad Customizers feature the same task can be done without making any efforts as the feature allows time series variations as well as cross sectional variations among the text with the same syntax command as discussed before.

This feature may not be as new as the previous one however it is equally or I would say even more useful if used properly. Google has given new ad extension and broken it down into two basic parts, it can be a bit tricky if they are not understood properly. For instance, if a person is searching the keywords, “Car Insurance” the popping adds must have a main link then there would be Callout Extension and after it there will be Sitelink Extension referring to sub links of the same site.

Now if you go out and search the same keywords in Google you would see some ads coming out with results, some of the ads must have a single line description however others must be having a double line description and Callout Extension that is the other extra line for description as well as site links. The callout extension is basically due to the special feather we are about to discuss.

Callout vs. Sitelink Extension:

Just like the callout extension, the sitelink extension is not new either. Let’s take a look at the, when should you use the callout features and when to use the Sitelink feature or how to use them in amalgamation

Callout Extension
·         To highlight Business Features or Product and services Features.
·         To enhance the support of add to encourage more clicks with some extra information
·         To feature outstanding benefits that make your business or product stand out.
Sitelink Extension
·         To guide user to a specific page right from the search, for a quick seal of deal
·         Making the clicker land right at the buying information or contact information page.
·         To give people review of all the possible pages that they can check out at the website.

If you are trying to catch the users’ attention with just one or two words and link that Sitelink is the best option for you to utilize and you can use it as one or two words indication towards the search queries that have been posted. For instance if someone puts in a query about moving or shifting from some place to another, you can sitelink your web ad “Moving?”, “Moving out?” or you can make other attention seeking Sitelinks Extensions, such as “Men’s Shoes” and “Buy Now” that are very useful for online shopping websites.

In this age of modern technology, a lot of searches are made through mobile phones and other handheld devices. When it comes to the mobile phone and other handheld devices, according to the statistics about half of all the searches made on Google in the previous year were made through Mobile Phones and other handheld devices, and the potential is constantly increasing. Most of them come in with built-in call making system, so whenever someone sees and ad that has a number to dial.

The Feature of Call Tracking is basically a call statistics calculation feature that allows you to calculate about every single call that has been made through your add, apart from that it also lets the user track down other details such as time of call that has been made from your add, the time that has been sent talking through the number.

Google AdWords Call Tracking Conversion

The latest extension in this feature allows the user to track down all the calls to your number that were referred from the AdWords. You can check your ad campaign’s performance through the analysis of the data and how many calls were referred to you by the ad campaign. Keeping all this in mind you can design better and more affective campaigns later on.

Now the question remains about how to set this feature up in your campaign? Well it is pretty simple and easy to understand. You can start by using the conversion tool from your ad words campaign management. While setting up the conversion you need mention in your AdWords the forwarding number on your website. Adding the business number would need the JavaScript code.

In this way through changing the number to tractable number you can whether the ad campaign is providing the right returns to all your investments as you get the ability to view all the convertible calls. someone sees and ad that has a number to dial.

While using this feature you can also keep a complete record about all the telephonic activities that go around on your ad campaign with PTR (Phone through Rates), CPP (Cost per Phone) metrics and many other useful features.

Even Advanced Call Tracking Setup:

MyAdvMedia with the help of their advanced integration apps developers have developed their own call tracking solutions that are as or even more effective in this regards. With our call tracking integration you can not only make tracking about all the calls but also record and use the recording for many purposes such as training and verification of orders.

We are all aware of the importance of Apps in this recent time; people are spending way more time on apps then actual websites.

Social websites are the prime examples of this phenomenon. If you have searched on some specific key words on Google these days you must see there are also some apps in the suggestions and results. The apps are not only there for promotion but they can also be installed right away if the search is being made with a compatible device. If you are using android device you can directly lead to PlayStore to download. The apps promotion is not just confined to the Google Search, the ads are also seen on YouTube as well as other ad display forums.

Such ads are called the App Reengagement Ads, instead of getting all the traffic to the website, you can lead you traffic directly to the source for downloading the app.


We are all, up till now, very well aware of the importance of the data and how we can use it by analyzing it over its trends to see what makes up what, now we are going to look at the importance and utilization of Demographic Data that tells about the targeted market that being dealt with.

Google in the recent years has brought a great revolution in the usage of demographic information with Keyword search and this amalgamation brought a great positive change in using the AdWords in a better and more productive way.

Now Google offers a very sophisticated demographical Showcase that allows the user to analyze the data in a very accurate and least time consuming way so that they are able to see the data and analyze the results of their ad campaign in just a glance.

How to Use Demographics for Ad Optimization?

Now let’s see what an actual benefit this demographics analysis brings in for the optimization of any ad campaign. The demographic information basically comprises of some basic information about the groups of people or the individuals that are divided into some various categorized on the basis of information that may be their ages, genders and location. For instance if a user is carrying out an ad campaign for some product that is feasible only for people above the age of 65, or we can say overly aged citizens. He can see from the demographic information whether he is reaching the right targeted audience he aims to get through the ad campaign. This and many other factors can come in very useful when the demographics information is used properly.

Google with its amazing features has also been providing tools for ad manager and campaign designers to use in order to make catchy and interesting designs for the ad design. Google has also brought a really cool and optimize able editing tool that allows you to make some really cool and eye catching ads.

With these ads you can get much better click through rate with a lower pay per click and both are clearly inversely proportional to each other. Upon a statistical analysis you would see that even a 0.1% increase or decrease in Click through Rate can bring up to 20+ opposite changes in Cost per Click that can make a huge difference in making your ad campaign more cost friendly.

Carrying out display advertising asks for some creative side from the campaigner and usage of proper or minimal tax can lead to some real effective ad campaign with amazing cost effective techniques and amazingly productive results.

You do not have to be some expert designer or some amazingly talented ad campaign manager to carry out the usage of HTML5 Designer tool, you can do it very easily through minimal usage of your abilities.

This Is so far the best and most effective feature that I saved to show in the last of the this writing piece. This feature had been selected to be the most favorite among seasoned AdWords experts. In the recent years, Google brought the amazingly easy and sophisticated editing aid so far. The editing had been made much easier and much more fun to perform right on computer. The editor allows the user to perform editing over any campaign much rapidly as compared to the conventional editing technologies that had been used so far.

Google AdWords Editor 11 for Bulk Editing and Optimization

The best thing about this feature is that you can carry out editing in ads with bulk editing option and get a large number of ads edited according to your choice easily and much more confidently.

This feature lets the user to make changes and perform uploads and downloads in thousands of accounts all at once with saving time and money.

Another exciting feature about this editing facility is that you can manage a lot of accounts at the same time, the feature is ideal and most optimize bale by the large companies and firms running huge campaign as well as small AdWords user who are managing multiple accounts and dealing with multiple changes at a time.

Before the introduction of this facility the AdWords users were using the old Navigation system to manage all the ad campaigns at a time that had become very old as well as non functional. However this new editing feature allows the users to make changes all at once with speed and accuracy.


We are done with all of our 7 promised features to change your life in the world of AdWords. If you have an experience of working with any of these features before you can be the evaluator to tell how much of a great benefit these features can provide. Apart from that anyone who has some work experience on AdWords would know how much these features can be useful in order to get the job done in better way.

I hope you would use these 7 amazing and easy features more often in your campaigns to make them more vibrant and result yielding.