Social Marketing Contest

Social media sites are a great platform to market your organization, products, ideas, and experiences. Almost all business are using social media to reach their customers. But did you ever wonder about be the absolute best way to market your product on social media and engage your potential customers? Well, the answer is pretty simple and it is something that we have seen many companies do; Social Contest. Yes, you read that right, various contest on social media started by various companies are a very effective and fun way of marketing. Moreover, it also increases the traffic on your social media.

There are certain things that should be kept in mind when trying out contest marketing on social media. Although it attracts more followers on social media, the aim should always be creating awareness about your brand or your product.

However, it is also essential that you design  a contest that is related to your product and your niche market. There are many companies that use the viral contests such as “share and win an iPhone” these kinds of contests mean that  lots of people will be sharing the posts more and more frequently,  but the aspect of creating more awareness about the product or brand is very likely to get lost during the process.

There are many useful contest ideas that can help you create a buzz on social media. One of the very easiest and useful contests is a video or photo contest. In such contests, the organizations ask the followers to share interesting videos or a photo related to the product they are promoting. This helps in two ways. First, it helps a lot with creating awareness of the brand and secondly, it allows the organization to gather a lot of content that can later be used on in their blogs, photo galleries, and other social media sites.

Moreover, when you post contests frequently, it makes your followers visit your page more often. They may just visit the page to see whether any new contest have been put up. In this way any other news or posts about the brand and product will automatically reach people.

The aspect of entertainment should not be forgotten when designing the contest. The more creative the contest, more people will be willing to participate in it. It is important to keep the contest accessible to the  for the masses to take participate. If the difficulty level is high, fewer people will participate. On the other hand, if the contest is too easy and too mainstream then it will also attract fewer people.

Another important thing about contests is the prize or the reward. Make sure that the reward is something that attracts people.

The key here is to create  contests that will attract more followers. However, the contests should be designed to be entertaining, creative, and should make more and more people aware of  the brand.