How to Grab Your Total WordPress Word Count

Do you have your website on WordPress? Have you ever checked the word count the words of your site? Of course not, it is not possible to count it manually. You might be wondering about the reason for knowing the  word count on your site, well, it comes in handy. Suppose you want to use a plugin that translates your website into various languages, such plugins charge based on the number of words on your website. Now you know why you need to perform a word count on your site. Here are some of the ways that you can get your WordPress count in just a clicks.

There are two options available on WordPress that help you check the word count on your website. The first one is WordPress Word Count Plugin. The best part about this plugin is that it is absolutely free to use. This plugin gives you the word count for your blog posts, your pages, and even custom post types. The additional feature that this plugin provides is that it also provides you the details about your largest posts and pages so that you may know which posts and pages have the maximum words. It includes a dashboard, which gives you the basic statistics such as author word count and average word count of authors. This is basic and very useful  plugin that you should use for your website.

The next plugin that can perform a word count for your WordPress site is Dashboard Word count. This plugin is relatively easier to use than the previous plugin. This plugin updates your dashboard and includes statistics of your website’s word count. It shows the total word count of every post. Furthermore, this plugin also lists the date your website was started and the date and time of the oldest post.

Both of these WordPress word count plugins are available in the WordPress repository and you can easily search for them. Once found, you can add either of these two plugins to your list of plugins. The best part about  these plugins is that they not only provide a total word count of your site, but also provide a detailed breakdown of  the word counts of your individual posts and list the word count by author. This makes it easier for you to the statistics related to your word count.

You may think that you don’t need these plugins, but there are always times when you may want to check your word count and these plugins make it possible.  Therefore, your best bet is to install these plugins beforehand. Moreover, these plugins plugins now so that you will be prepared when the need arises.Moreover, these plugins are absolutely free to use. If you find a service by the word, then these plugins will help you a great deal to know and understand how much you are paying per word order to plan and stay within a budget. We recommend that you install these plugins.